Canada’s Tories Or Turdo Toadies?

After drawing your attention to the gestapo goon-squad that the Australian State of Victoria employs as ‘police….’

Melbourne Cops? Better Call ‘Em Storm-Troops!

…now we are appalled to have to report more police-state tactics in Canada!

And this time the cop-amok was apparently instigated by a Lesbian who’s been adopted as a parliamentary candidate by the so-called ‘Conservative Party’ – she was unwilling to answer one very relevant question and set the cops on the reporter.

Thus she further reduced Canadian Toryism towards the level of intolerance we’ve come to expect of Justin Turdo’s Liberals.

Please read on.

Our reporter, David Menzies, was just arrested by police. 

His crime? 

Asking legitimate questions of Melissa Lantsman, Erin O’Toole’s candidate in that riding. 

O’Toole’s candidate literally ordered police to arrest and detain David, just for asking questions at a public event. 

I really can’t see any difference between O’Toole’s censorship strategy and Trudeau’s censorship strategy other than Trudeau generally doesn’t have the police do his dirty work. 

I’m on my way there now and I’ll give you a report there shortly. 

Our lawyer, Aaron Rosenberg, is already on the scene and is talking to David working feverishly to get him released. 

I’ll give you another update within an hour. 

I know we are going to need your help to fight these bogus charges. 

This isn’t the first time politicians have tried to censor Rebel journalists and it won’t be the last. 

It’s just so deeply disappointing that this time it was at the hands of Erin O’Toole’s disgraceful candidate. 

If you can help us cover the costs of David’s legal defence, please go to and chip in what you can.


And it seems the question that sent the Lesbian into a tantrum was not at all out of order.

‘Is Melissa here on merit or sexual orientation?’