Are Fake-'Refugees' Merely 'Unconventional?'

‘Unconventional?’ ‘Illegal?’

Even muggers know the difference!

That’s why they don’t hang about after robbing their victims.

But ‘intellectuals,’ who, as a category, are notorious for having brains but no sense?

Well, here’s how some ‘intellectuals’ talk about the lawless fakers flooding into the UK from France.

The bill should exercise compassion rather than criminalise refugees simply because they are forced to deploy unconventional methods to enter the country

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Thing is, the authors of that idiotic turn of phrase DO know better.

They go on to discuss ‘the dangerous and illegal journeys into the UK…’

As always, the Guardian exalts undesirables. But are they also ineducables – nitwits who think ‘illegality = unconventionality?

Some Australian ass named Liz Curran is sticky-beaking into UK politics.

And an organised pack of ingrate ‘refugees’ in the UK, rejoicing in the name of ‘Exiled Writers Ink,’ are showing their ignorance.

That’s all in a recent Guardian, and whilst it would be nice to present each of these uppity clods with a pocket dictionary…


…instead patriots should email the antipodean ass at.


Dr. Liz Curran

..and contact the latter at their HQ

NW11 0DH

…and tell them that their use of the word ‘unconventional’ instead of ‘illegal’ is inaccurate, unacceptable and offensive.”>Exiled Writers Ink,

. . .

Contact information

NW11 0DH