Wewelsburg 2? Fourth Reich Think-Tank

Wewelsburg was meant to be the Third Reich’s think-tank, in which Heinrich Himmler took an interest… 



“..schooling the SS leadership in a broad set of ideological fields…

But it didn’t go according to plan – it’s a museum today.

However, it sprang to mind at once when I learned of the Fourth Reich’s dream-schemes….


…for an obscure Italian island, where some SEVENTY MILLION EUROS…

Of whose money? Can’t you guess? …. 

– is to be wasted on a ‘refurbishment project to turn it into a high-level European think-tank…’

That’s just part of the Brussels Empire boosters’ grand design (including an ‘academy and open-air museum!’) all…

‘…aimed at boosting the European integration project by training ‘enlightened’ EU youth, scholars and politicians.’


European Integration Project?

Whose project might that be?

The Kaiserin’s?

Is she shelling out the millions?

Her VP Timmermann’s?

Is he chipping in?

Mama Stasi Merkel’s?

Does her Stasi pension go that far?

Could it be there’s public funds going into this?

Ask an MEP, like Ghastly Guy!

And ask him what qualifies a person to be enrolled in…

Captain Euro and the EU’s Totalitarian Propaganda War on Kids 


Enlightened EU Youth? ‘

However, EU Observer invites us to…

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If you DO read on, and you should, you learn that 2021 is the 80th anniversary of something called – ..the Ventotene Manifesto, the European Union’s building block.


EU Observer could have been clearer about that ‘manifesto,’ which was authored by the Communist Spinelli. ..


Altiero Spinelli2.jpg


….and called for a ‘socialist federation’ not only of Europe but of the world.

Good to get an admission by Europhiliacs as to their true goals, not for the first time

True Colours? Europhiliac Trio Honour Dear Red! 

We have examined this evil man and his scheme a few years ago.

And the cabal named for him, the Spinelli Group.


Heinrich Himmler. –

One supposes had WW2 gone differently, there might be a Himmler Group, publishing a ‘manifesto.’

BUT would such a group have what the Spinelli Group’s 2018 Manifesto had?

.Manifesto for the Future of Europe :a Shared Destiny

An expression of gratitude for the financial support supplied by MR. GEORGE SOROS!

Did they get enough from Soros, or are their dirty snouts also in the EUSSR trough?

The next paragraph is confusing, so please analyse it as best you can.

Celebrations have kicked-off on two small twin islands off the coast of Rome which are considered the ‘cradle’ of Europe – and are pushing for greater integration.

What does that mean?

Two islets are pushing for ‘greater European integration?’

I doubt that, but that is the only grammatical conclusion.

Next we read that, ‘this month, tourists enjoyed watching a team of pro-Europeans swim three miles..’.

It turns out the ‘Pro-Europeans’ were swimming towards a “spooky abandoned prison isle’

Rather than use it as a water sports venue, better return it to its original purpose and lock up the undesirables MSF keeps unloading on Italy….

…but that’s another matter.