Criminal Anarchy Gets Global Platform

France24 seldom disappoints seekers after left bias….

rance24 Brexit Bias – Wet Weasel Patten Unchallenged! 

France 24 – Mousey Ma’amselle Lets Left Prof Rant! 

….but this past Saturday, at 10am, the tax-funded propaganda channel outdid itself, providing an arrogant far-left female with about five minutes to rant unchallenged about the evils of air travel.

I was idling on the sofa, preoccupied with priorities…



….so missed the ranter’s name, and that of her gang, but paid close attention as she shrilled on.

The bint was very much at ease with the hooliganism and vandalism perpetrated by louts and loutesses.

Unable to win any argument by rational debate, we saw the lawless mob, a hundred strong, breaking open airport gates and hacking through fences.

France24 evidently saw nothing wrong with such criminal damage, and even let the mouthy cow prattle that her scumbags ‘don’t enjoy’ breaking the law.




If they wanted to protest peacefully and lawfully, they are free to do do.

Instead, they run amok, visibly delighting in mayhem.

The police should beat the hell out of them…

…and the courts should hand down years of jail-time.