SkyNews Sacrifices Grammar To Wokery

UK Pravda’s predictable woke-spin on New Zealand’s trans-freak –

Hubbard’s selection as the first trans athlete in an individual sport goes a long way towards changing centuries of sporting tradition

….is an egregious BBC affront to both historical and biological realities.

‘Centuries?’ It’s been a matter of millenia since the Olympics began in Greece, and there’s no record of a man purporting to be a woman accepted as such.

Nor would we expect the clever ancients to be thus conned!

But as the ‘weight-liftress’what competes against real women today, another sexual maladjust has been sounding off, as reported by SkyNews.

‘Canadian footballer, Quinn – who is transgender and non-binary – also made their debut at the Tokyo Olympics. They posted on their Instagram account recently.. ‘

If any media feel obliged to cover this story, at the very least they should stick to reporting in accurate English.

Their debut?

The Canadian may imagine it’s male and/or female…..

…or maybe an elk!

But whatever it may be, it has one body, one head, and the appropriate number of legs ( though who knows what’s nestling between them!)



So it does not qualify to be reported in the plural.