BBC Exalts Drug Crim As Dreamer! .

The BBC may not like to be described as a ‘fake-news’ ragbag…



…but when it does all it can to use its headlines to make a villainous migrant into some sort of local hero….

…what else should we call it?

Zimbabwean with football dreams to be kicked out of UK

…so we read, but reading further down their website page…

…we have to ask why the tax-funded propaganda channel’s diligent sub-editors did not choose this more informative alternative …

Zimbabwean drop-out drug-crime ex-con to be kicked out of UK

After all, in the BBC’s own words, the undesirable alien –

‘…dropped out of the football academy that had accepted him after leaving school and ended up getting into trouble and going to prison for drug offences.. ‘

It’s clear the BBC’s dream-boat is a worthless waste of space long overdue for deportation.