‘No-Proms’ Rattler Slithers Off!

Simon Rattle has said he avoided conducting at the Last Night of the Proms throughout his career because of his discomfort at its “jingoistic elements…”.

Never heard of this reptile…


…but it seems he was way ahead of his time, hostile to the sight and sound of patriotic Brits for at least thirty years, long before it became fashionable for ‘celebs’ to diss their country’s heritage..

A contrary sort of conductor, he seems to be.

As woke-weasels all over the UK seek to tear down or deface symbols of national pride, he’s now sloping off to Germany  – ‘nationalistic aspects’ of the Last Night of the Proms leave him ‘uneasy.’


Crowd with Union flags
The Last Night of the Proms

“I never conducted the Last Night, always avoided it a bit. I’ve been uneasy about some of the jingoistic elements, ever since the Falklands in 1982,” he said


‘Ever since the Falklands?’

The greatest British victory in most living memories, and he quivers at the thought?

Maybe the aicko should return his knighthood!


He’ll feel much less queasy in the EUSSR, where Kaiserin Ursula and her Commissars are doing all in their power to do down the very idea of the nation state.

If you want to offer a send-off message…



….he’s on Facebook.

He also has his own website.