Insanity! Soros Court Stops Afghan Deportations

Sheer insanity.



That’s the only way to describe the diktat issued to Austria by the Soros-stacked ECHR.



Strasbourg’s robed ratbags have ordered the Austrian government to ‘postpone deportation of an Afghan national, given the worsening conflict in the war-torn country.’

If the Afghan in question were an heroic opponent of the evil Taliban, fair enough.

But then he would probably not be facing deportation, would he?

Fact is, not nearly enough aliens are deported from Austria…


…or any other country.

Only a fraction of the worst crimmigrants get sent back where they belong.

Enemy Within vermin even seek to stop expulsion of rapists.

German Leftist Lawyer – “Rapist Refugees Don’t DeserveDeportation!” 

And certainly some of the worst primitives plaguing Europe are from Afghanistan, like these scum…

Klagenfurt and Vienna Too – More About Austria’s Grateful Guests!

Unaccompanied Minors?’ Groping? Again? Poor Wee Boys? 

Wrist-Slap for Rape-Refugee? 

And Another One? Girl, 13, Molested, Killed 

…or this feral swine…

An Afghan man suspected of being a leading member of an international people-smuggling network has been arrested in north London.

And the following vile ignoramuses?

Ingrate Afghans – In Athens – Tell GREEK To “Go, Go!” 

Arson! Ingrate Afghan Savages Amok, Stoning Cops 

Why on earth should any of those featured in those true stories NOT be sent back to Afghanistan?

Because they might come to grief there?
God willing, they might well, and no regrets in Austria or Germany or Italy or Greece, or Britain, if they catch a stray bullet or two back home!
It’s not just the Austrian case, please note.
Such deportations have already been suspended in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Afghans in Germany are also increasingly winning their appeals against deportations, with a 76-percent success rate between January and May. Court stops Austria’s Afghan deportation, as conflict worsens

It’s like we said the other day.


Send them back!