Hey, Javid! Thwart Trannies! Use Liberum Veto

Sajid Javid’s very mild, almost, let’s be frank, inadequate, observations on how to accommodate trans-freaks in health service facilities…

Official portrait of Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP crop 2.jpg

….has unleashed a terrible din of mincing ‘men’ stamping their little feet in indignarion.

LGBT organisations have responded with outrage to Mr Javid’s “reactionary” and “harmful” statement, and accusing him of “sexualising young trans people” by “implying they are a threat” to women’s safety.

Of course, young, or older, men purporting to be female…

….are a danger to women.

In fact, Javid has regrettably not proposed that trannies be required to get cured of their gender dysphoria….



…before admission to regular hospital treatment, which ought to be a requirement.

Nor has he even ordered a ban on fake-women getting into women’s wards or women’s toilets.

At least, however, he seems to be aware of the risk to real females by inserting maladjusted men into such facilities.

Keep Wives And Daughters Safe – Steer Clear Of Target


What’s almost funny, though, is the arrogance of the freakos, one group angrily objecting to any consideration of the strong ‘repulsion’ felt by decent people when they are in proximity to abnormals.



Such repulsion is perfectly understandable, and should be respected

But that anger does suggest a democratic process that would begin to tackle the problem.

If a tranny seeks a bed in a women’s ward, the hospital should look to the principle once used in olden times by the Polish nobles.

A liberum veto!


Simply ask those normal women in the ward if any of them object to having a sexual misfit in their midst.

If any real female objects, no fake female gets in.



It’s interesting to speculate, however, if such a policy would work in male wards.

If a curvaceous but mentally maladjusted gal declared herself a man, and desired to pass her hospital days in a men’s ward…




…would even one real man exercise his right to veto her aspiration!?

Indeed, it’s very possible the move would be embraced by doctors..



….keen to see recovery among old guys who might otherwise be resigned to fading away!