Lockdown ‘Cultural Sensitivity?’ Slap Down The Uppities!

As stated yesterday…

Lockdown UK? Make Mitie Tell Truth

….I am not going to join the debate on the principles of lockdowns.

As a foreigner, I am quite correctly obliged to obey Indonesian laws…

…just as I would be if I were in Australia.

However, watching news from Australia, I keep hearing bleating hacks trying to make an issue of how ‘cultural sensitivities’ among certain “communities’ have to be ‘respected! ‘



COVID responses fail to recognise cultural differences

Ethnic minorities are being disproportionately targeted

Apparently this is somehow connected to deployment of Australia’s armed forces in Southwest Sydney.

Last I heard, that area, like all of Sydney, like New South Wales, is still in Oz.

If any uppity primitives have a problem with Aussie troops being seen on their street…



…tell the obnoxious tykes to sod off to some other country…

…where they can revel in their uptight ‘sensitivities!’