Old Bat’s Calais ‘Charity’ Under Microscope!

We often urge readers to report ‘charities….’

Not A Penny – Report These Charities, PLEASE! 

…which seem to be at least as politically as charitably motivated.

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Some of you probably nod and say, yes, all true – but our complaints would get nowhere.

Often, that might be true, but if lots of complaints flood into the Charity Commission, again and again, there is a chance they’ll take notice.

And here’s a good example of what can happen then.

Charity watchdogs have launched an inquiry into the finances of a British group which aids Channel migrants.

The Charity Commission said it had ‘serious governance concerns’ with Care4Calais.



And it’s all the more gratifying because of the ghastly woman who made that charity notorious by her extra-curricular activities!

We have kept an eye on Clare Moseley over the years.

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But only this time have we turned up this unforgettable headline and story, from a while ago, in one UK newspaper!



Charity of married boss who romped with toyboy migrant in Calais Jungle ‘suspends operations after refugee lover tried to burn down HQ’

The Sun, July 1, 2017


Yes, it’s the very same hyper-active old bat, who, the story goes, fell for Tunisian Mohamed Bajjar, 27, but the migrant reportedly poured petrol around Care4Calais’ HQ after their relationship ended

Another fine fellow, like so many other fake-‘refugees!’

We must wonder if he’s still mooching in France, or maybe joined the Channel tsunami swamping Britain…

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…or whether he’s been deported, as he obviously deserved to be.

And won’t it be interesting to see what conclusions the Charity Commissioners reach!