Who Should Pay BBC Whistle-Blower?

I suppose, you’ve seen the story?

Martin Bashir whistleblower ‘to receive £750,000 in compensation’ from BBC’


The deserving recipient is Matt Wiessler, ‘blacklisted by the BBC,’ and finally getting a very belated measure of justice from an institution that’s rotten to the core.

But that three quarters of a million pounds has been extracted, not from the scum responsible for victimising a blameless, indeed heroic individual….




..but from the equally blameless British public, the millions of Brits coerced by an unjust licensing law to fund UK Pravda.

UNJUST, in every way.

Every BBC stuck-up complicit in rhe black-listing of Mr. Wiessler should be made to pay a full share of that compensation.

Name the guilty.

Force them into bankruptcy, if need be…


…make them sell their cars, or their houses.

If they have retired, cancel their fat pensions.

Frankly, their sort would be none the worse, methinks, for a sound thrashing!



These people are villainous in every sense.