Another Word Hi-Jacked! Update=Censor!

I’m talking about the pathetic plonkers who run the publishing house Picador, spineless collabos who have knuckled under to PC bullies.


They are currently “discussing the best way to update the book for future editions”.

‘The book‘ is not facing an ‘update‘ but vicious wokestapo censorship.

Various uptight clowns have taken exception to ‘racist‘ content, like ‘almond-shaped eyes!’
When the public were allowed to use public transport here in Jakarta, I would often find myself sitting opposite somebody with almond-shaped eyes


Eyeshadow Tips for Almond Eyes

If set in a pretty face, not at all a dire experience. 
Another phrase up for obliteration is ‘chocolate-coloured,‘ when applied to skin.
What is wrong with that? 

Chocolate is brown. 

It’s also nice. 

Nothing racist about it. 

The authoress, Kate Clanchy, who is grovelling –
“I will also take time to reflect upon views of the many readers of colour who have responded to my writing to put these learnings into practice in my work as both teacher and writer.”

– does not deserve support, but…



…..we need to be vocal on her behalf nevertheless, because loads of whining uppities are putting the boot in. 




Picador is part of Pan Macmillan

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