BBC’s Nauseating Dutch Breakfast!

At 8am and again at 9am, Jakarta time, this past Sunday morning, UK Pravda…



…aka BBC World News, reminded viewers in Indonesia how lucky they are, not still to be governed by the Dutch.



We had our appetite for breakfast, or brunch, spoiled by the sight of a revolting pack of LGBTIQE…

(do those letters actually stand for lesbian, gay, bestiality, tranny, Incest, queer…


…and elko-sexuals?)

…creatures, mincing and prancing through Amsterdam, a so-called ‘Pride Parade,’ followed by brief interviews with veteran Dutch poofters, conducted by a BBC Bias Bint, identified as Celestina Odulude.

Having deliberately excluded any conservative critics of the ‘gay’ agenda…

(of whom, BTW, there are plenty –

Hundreds of Dutch Protestant pastors sign anti-LGBTQ manifesto

…BBCBB listened in docile manner while one of her interviewees expressed concern at how leftists and liberals “don’t know how to handle’ hostility to sexual aberrants…

…when it comes from ‘people with a migration background’ in case they’re accused of ‘discrimination.’

I don’t doubt that.

The Left will happily insult and persecute people of their own ethnicity…

Minister Faces Prosecution Probe..

Minister faces prosecution probe after defending anti-gay school charters

….who maintain support for traditional values, but if aliens arrive with such views, then pinkos are in a bind.

However, as noted, Okulunde had made sure no dissenting voices would be heard, Dutch OR alien, even as her second homo shrilled at the thought that Holland should be a ‘gay paradise.’


As her piece was winding up, BBCBB actually rasped –

Equal Rights for All!’

Except of course the right to be heard on the BBC…



…if one finds it absurd and offensive to pretend that sodomite menages merit parity of esteem with real marriage.