Dirty Asses Need Exposed, Again!

We took notice of these leftist scumbags more than once…..


Led By Donkeys


…..not so much for their puerile stunts…

UK Media Cover-Up Dirty Donkeys’ I.D! 


…but for the disgraceful way collabo journos refused to name and shame them.

A Guardian scribbler named Wollaston…actually rendezvoused with the dishonest scumbags…
….and reported how they justified their criminality – they regard stealing as ‘borrowing’ from “a company that could afford to lend it to us.”
 Wollaston gives a direct quote  – “We didn’t necessarily ask permission but it was public service and therefore totally justified.”


Protected by unprincipled media grubs!

Eventually, they were unmasked as Greenpeace grimnasties. ..

Dirty Donkeys Are Now Exposed Asses! 

…their dirty tricks dragged into daylight by the resourceful Guido Fawkes…


…so if you want to be reminded of who the mangy curs are, look at that link – note one of them is ex-BBC!

Having assumed they’d scuttled off back under a rock once exposed…

….it seems they’re back…

Despite Sainsbury’s insistence it hasn’t pulled advertising, Led by Donkeys took to Twitter to boast about its success. 


… but try as I might, nowhere in the Daily Mail piece could I find the names of these swine.

Time to track ’em down…



…and protest where they live and work, not something we normally approve of, but since they long since made clear they see themselves as above the law, they don’t deserve  courtesies one extends to honest citizene. .