Fire White Teachers? Coming To Your Kid’s School?

Here’s the kind of poison pumped out at a recent  ‘symposium’ on ‘racial and social justice.’

As a blend of pig-ignorance and witch-hunting intolerance, I’d say it’s hard to beat…



..but MUST be beaten, and that requires all good people, and especially caring parents…

….to understand that they have a duty to smash the threat represented by the CRT hate-freaks you can read about below…


What do you think?

“…white supremacy culture practices” include “worship of the written word,” “individualism,” and “objectivity.”

‘.. the “characteristics of white privilege” include “playing the colorblind card,” and that the “pillars of white fragility” include being “taught to see themselves as individuals rather than as part of a racially socializing group.”



Those evil ranters, who want to intimidate decent white ( and presumably decent black – though they specify whites –

Really, I want to be an agent of discomfort for white folks,” said Terry Jess, a National Education Association Social Justice Activist finalist in 2017. “I want to get folks to either commit to the work or get out of the profession)



..whom we quoted above were not caballing within some obscure marxist sect….

…but loud-mouthing at a scheduled gathering run by the OAEA, an activist wing of a major teaching union.

The Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association (OAEA) is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), the state’s largest teacher union and the state affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA).

Such people must be kept out of class-rooms.


Be prepared..

It’s happening in Oklahoma, but don’t think for a moment that….

…it can’t happen here!