De-Nobilise Tony Hall – Make Him Pay!

There we have it!
BBC to pay £1.5m to charity of ‘Royal’s choice’ after fallout over Martin Bashir’s Diana interview.. ‘
We wrote about this less than a month ago!
But for those with short memories, the Mail report helpfully reminds us that the creepy Bashir’s ‘deceitful’ tactics were subsequently –
.... covered up by a ‘woefully ineffective’ internal investigation by Tony Hall, who later became BBC director-general… 

Disgraceful, and why has Hall not be stripped of the life peerage he got?

It’s not as if his tenure as D-G in any way made up for his previous demerits.

We all remember how he exculpated that leftist munchkin Munchetty…

The unforgettable “Lord” Hall.

( and how we wish we could forget his bigoted leftist antics!)

 …shot to notoriety when he rescued that incredibly off-putting…

..Nasty Naga Malignachetty….

BBC Defines ‘Racism’ – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT

…from the consequences of her vicious race-obsessed outburst.


Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union
. ..

…after her infantile, uptight outburst.

He never deserved a seat in rhe House of Lords!

Oh, and why has his pension not been garnisheed…

… instead of that give-away million coming out of BBC funds.

The PERSONS at fault in this grisly tale should be bled dry rather than take money out of BBC coffers.