Fighting The Arrogance of Far-Left ‘Teachers!’

Just passing on an American appeal from good parents concerned about bad teachers!



A teacher’s union is SUING a parent for daring to ask what her child is learning in school.

A Rhode Island chapter of the National Education Association has filed a lawsuit against a parent in order to block the release of records concerning Critical Race Theory and gender “education” in schools.

In other words, the NEA has filed a lawsuit to keep parents in the dark about the indoctrination being forced upon their children.

Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) is fighting for the rights of all parents, but we need your help to come out victorious. Would you donate today to help us take down the teachers unions and their manipulative games?

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In a complaint filed in the Superior Court, the teacher’s union claims that the teaching records are “private,” and their release must be balanced against the “rights” of teachers.

They are completely forgetting about the rights of parents. We have a right to know exactly what our children are being taught in the schools that WE fund with OUR tax dollars.

We can no longer look to our elected officials to defend us. We must take matters into our own hands and fight for change.

Join us and the millions of parents that have had enough as we fight CRT and institutionalized racism.

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If we don’t stand up, then no one will.


Parents Against Critical Theory