Remind ‘Asylum’ Andy Of City Limits! .

Make all councils take Afghanistan refugees, says Andy Burnham

Who does this leftist dweeb think he is?

Andy Burnham2.jpg

Manchester’s Mayor Andy Burnham

Manchester may now call itself Greater Manchester but, however wider still and wider its boundaries may be set, there ARE city limits, beyond which Busybody Burnham’s writ doesn’t run!

We have heard this ‘fair share’ flatulence, from the likes of the she-devil Mama Stasi Merkel.

After traitorously ordering border security to stand down, a million primitives poured in.



Yes, pity the German victims of crimmigrant molestation and mayhem.

But for Merkel and her Brussels comrades then to call on more responsible governments to take their ‘fair share’ was the vilest effrontery.

If I coat my kitchen floor with scraps of cheese and thus encourage rodents…




…am I then entitled to call on my neighbours to take their ‘fair share’ of vermin?

How many fake-‘refugees’ does Burnham’s city already contain?

Are they housed in hotels? Or costly rented properties?

Has Burnham got a majority of Mancunians’ agreement on that?

If so, Hell mend Manchester!

But as I have argued before, EVERY local council should be obliged NOT to accept coercive in-takes of aliens….

….but to CONSULT their electorates, by local referendum, on the issue.

A simple yes/no question on the ballot paper –

Should ‘asylum-seekers’ be housed in our community?’



NB – the decision of the voters should not be subject to veto by local leftist council cabals

And if EVERY city and county says ‘NO!?! ‘

Johnson and Patel should use the suitable sites I’ve proposed in the past….

I.o.M. Rejects Crimmigrants, But St Kilda’s Ideal!. 

No Man's Land

Not St.Kilda, but another of Britain’s numerous offshore and uninhabited islands


….. or do their own democratic duty, hold a NATIONAL referendum to take the UK out of the Council of Europe..



…and its Sorosoid ECHR, and repudiate that so-called ‘Refugee’ Convention.

Then end the ‘asylum’ racket once and for all.



Fears of housing crisis as Manchester Mayor urges Government to ensure authorities take ‘fair share’ of people fleeing Taliban