Making Sense At Millwall!

At last a very welcome contrast to that dorky leftist Gareth Southgate!

 Leftist Gareth Southgate 


Of course I’m talking about the voice of sanity echoing around Millwall’s stadium.


. yes, Millwall, whose sensible supporters I praised many months ago when the FA slimers were dissing them

Petition To Football Association – Scrap The BLM Cr-p! 

Their manager, Gary Rowett, publicly criticised the obsequious antics on the pitch by posers who make obeisance to the BLM cause.

Mr. Rowett says what’s obviously true, that the kneel-creepery is causing a ‘rift.’

About time somebody from the sporting world found the guts to stand up to the uptights.

A return to a saner era, when football players just got on with playing football, would be grand.

However, if soccer has to resemble a souped-up version of a mediaeval morality play…



…then an alternative to the stupid stunts inspired by the notoriously racist BLM gang is readily available.

We suggested it some weeks ago, and see no reason not to repeat it….

Kneeling Signifies BLM Hate – Here’s The Alternative!

.. an easy option for any players in any team…

Black Lives Matter in united states

….who want to call for respect for every human being, regardless of race, creed or colour.

Just put the above, in appropriate national colours, on the jerseys of any player who…

A – believes it to be true, and..

B – is happy to wear it!

And tell Southgate, and his race-obsessed cheer-leaders in the left pressure groups, to STFU!