UK Education Ministers Should Look To Ohio!

Boris Johnson is a blow-hard, a hypocrite and as we prefer to call him….

London Calling – Big-Mouth Boris Bans Free Speech on the Buses 

Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png

…a jellyfish.

But he is NO conservative.

However, his Cabinet Ministers may still have a grain or tow of conservative principle floating around their spiritual blood-stream.

Given the degenerate gaystapo agenda being foisted on children in British schools…..

Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation!

Why Has That Vixen Not Been Fired

….and arrant BLM nonsense ‘teaching’ seeping into class-rooms too…

Your Child’s Teacher, The Enemy Within? 

National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’

….an assertion of parent power becomes ever more urgent.

Here’s a grand idea, all the way from Ohio.

From Protect Ohio Children:

As a parent and/or legal guardian of a minor child, you have a right under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, the U.S. Constitution, and the Constitution and laws of the State of Ohio, to direct the upbringing and education of your minor child. As the new school year begins, now is the time to notify school administrators and put them on notice, that you do not consent to your child’s participation in any instruction or discussion of divisive or inappropriate concepts.

To access Opt Out Forms and much more, go