Dublin’s Blabbering Pundits Need To Shut Up!

Who the HELL is David McWilliams?

Have any of you, not least my British readers, especially my British readers in Ulster, ever heard of him?

No matter!

His arrogance scarcely deserves attention but since the ‘Irish Times’ gives his outrageous impertinence a platform, viz.

Swiss model of local power is the key to successful united Ireland

British people in northeast could run own affairs in hyper-devolved Irish federation


Somebody has to tell him,  and other sticky-beak scribblers…

Detached From Reality, Eire’s Dreams Fester! 

…to take a deep breath, then –


You don’t get to tell people in a neighbouring country – with no designs on your territory – that you’ll graciously let them ‘run their own affairs,‘ as long as they knuckle under…



…and accept enrolment in a ‘Hyper-Devolved Irish Federation.’

Why can’t these Eire gutter-scribes leave Ulster alone?

Ulster is NONE of their business!

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If there are disloyals in British Ulster who can’t reconcile themselves to the fact that Ulster Brits have no wish to be part of any version…



…of a ‘United Ireland,’ then it’s a fairly easy bus ride – or they can get on their bikes – and bugger off…

…to where they’ll feel at home.

PS  He’s in Wikipedia! Seems he has a reputation for shooting off his mouth, but guess what?

In January 2007, McWilliams was selected as one of 250 Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum