Mama Stasi’s Secret Migrant Deal? Maybe Not Her First!

Did Merkel do a deal with Putin on Afghan refugees?


Ukraine claims Germany did a deal with Russia on Afghan refugees to snub its recent Crimea summit….

Well, nothing Merkel does in respect of her beloved ‘refugees’ – so many of whom have blessed Germany with their presence…


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…since she unleashed the crimmigrant tsunami of 2015 on her tormented country –  would surprise us.

But then Rettman adds a caution.

….., but EU diplomats find it hard to believe.


Fourth Reich flunkeys offer cover for whatever scheming the Berlin Bitch has been up to?


According to Rettman –

“Putin demanded of Merkel the withdrawal of minister [Heiko] Maas from the Crimea Platform and she abided by his wishes,” a Ukrainian government source told EUobserver, referring to this week’s Crimea summit and to a meeting between Putin and Merkel last Friday…”. Read on »

One might think the other attendees at the Crimea Platform would be delighted if their deliberations were not burdened by that ghastly left authoritarian Maas.


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…but who knows?

Putin’s background, of course, has certain similarities to Merkel’s, in that both were involved in matters of state security…

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….so, arguably with much in common,. it’s not hard to see them cooking up some unsavoury stew.



ESPECIALLY since Mama’s first multicultification triumph has also been questioned, as to whether it was all she and her Brussels Empire collabos claimed it was.

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