Biden’s Flunkeys Keen To See Afghan Christians Killed?

Most of our readers will be aware that there are pig-ignoramuses in various countries who see nothing wrong with harming or even killing people who use their God-given brain to convert to Christianity –

– or indeed to any creed not that to which such savages subscribe!



In Afghanistan, it was always bad, because so many people are so backward, but currently converts there are in imminent, deadly danger, from satanic terrorists like the Taliban…



….and the vile ISIS-K.

Obviously, these Christians deserve to be given a high level of priority when it comes to evacuation.

But here’s what one man has to say on that subject.

. “In fact, an ambassador was called in Macedonia last night and told not to accept any of these people as we were trying to get them off of the tarmac here, to keep the airport flowing and getting these Christians out. We haven’t really been able to move anybody for about 12 hours.

So who made that call to that ambassador?

President Biden says U.S. is 'coming back together,' but COVID is not yet finished | KTLA

Ask HIM!


Individuals in the White House and State Department are reportedly hampering attempts to evacuate Christians from Afghanistan as the country falls to Islamic radicals.

WH, State Dept Reportedly Blocking Efforts To Rescue Afghan Christians: ‘Out-And-Out Evil’

Now would-be rescuers are facing a desperate situation.

“Our mission is now changing greatly. We have to send people into even greater danger to try to smuggle these Christians out, who are marked not just for death, but to be set on fire alive because they’re converted Christians.”


  • And will the ‘mainstream media’ badger Bungler Biden till he comes clean on this scandalous situation?

Don’t hold yer breath!