‘Ha-Ha!’ BBC Hack On Xtinko Mayhem!

Yes, a little burst of laughter!

That was Justin Rowlett – BBC ‘Environment Correspondent’ – as he described the wanton vandalism committed by the Xtinko scum in London….



…..gallons of red paint smeared on public and private property, which the UK Pravda klutz trivialised as ‘theatrical.’

They feel powerless,” Rowlett claimed on Dateline…


…which is patently untrue.

In fact, this anti-social rabble feel untouchable.

London Cops Legitimise Stinkos’ “Important Cause!” 

Fact is, they are no more ‘powerless’ than all the other, more rational Brits, the majority, who understand that, in a democracy, policies are made via the ballot box.

Rowlett said correctly that the Xtinkos ‘have a legitimate right to protest!

Yet he seems merely amused when they flagrantly abuse that right to make mayhem?



How dare he!

Another Dateline leftist regular, Jeffrey Kofman, tried to make out that the mob ‘calibrated carefully‘ their blockades at road junctions, restricting their lawless obstruction to  ‘not too busy road junctions!’



Not true!

What a scandal it is that the Metropolitan Police were equally ‘not too busy.’

Had the Keystone Cops been BUSIER, in maintaining the rights of decent people to get to work, they’d have used water cannon on the hooligans..


….with the added benefit that the unkempt Xtinko louts might get an overdue wash.

As the third guest, a Frenchman named Marc Roche, observed, French cops would have handled it more sensibly.

He didn’t say ‘sensibly,’ of course, otherwise BBC would never invite him back. The French flics are, he said, ‘harsher!’

Precisely what’s needed.

THIS has GOT to stop!



Batter the scum!