Truncheon The Scum Off Tower Bridge!

The activists said: “XR have closed Tower Bridge with a caravan and a large group are sitting blocking the junction at the north side of the bridge.

View of Tower Bridge from Shad Thames

“The actions mark the start of a week-long intervention on the City of London 

I have had a special affection for Tower Bridge, ever since I ran across it as part of the London Marathon.

But the issue is not just the famous bridge today, but all manner of other mayhem for the week ahead, mayhem the scum dare to boast about in advance!



Thousands of honest Londoners work in the City. They commute from all over Greater London to get there.

Wanton obstruction of these decent people’s right to use public thoroughfares is intolerable.

The police should be ordered in to truncheon the Xtinko scum off the bridge.



Or blast them with tear-gas.

Xtinkos care not a whit about how much decent people suffer as a result of their anti-social havoc.



So Xtinkos have no right to complain if they suffer in turn.

Batter them!