Tax-Funded Left Heaps Insults On Border Cops

Once more the shrills of a far-left ‘NGO…’ 


 – funded by whom, not government, surely, if it’s a ‘non-government organisation? ‘ –

…and a far-left rag…

– guess who, yes, the Guardian! –

…are going after good cops for defending their country – and Europe.

And on whose word are the left-lice relying to buttress their claim that –

‘Croatian police robbed and illegally pushed back dozens of refugees fleeing from Afghanistan into neighbouring Bosnia between 6 and 29 August…

Well, EU Observer doesn’t tell us, except that there are ‘witness testimonies collected by The Guardian newspaper and a report by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC)’


It turns out that the only ‘witnesses’ are undesirable aliens involved in border incursions!

Perhaps the ratbags we have noticed in Bosnia.…

Solidarity With Bihac, Tormented By Ingrates! “I.O.M. Go Home!”

….whose measure was perfectly taken by some simple Bosnian villagers…

…or on that very border, in our previous posts.….

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Oh, and guess what else?

Half of the 60 or so people involved were minors.’

At least EU Observer doesn’t call them ‘children’ – so how many were sturdy youths, in the same age-group as…

…as others we have noticed, in other countries.

Most, all, of these aliens trying to gate-crash Croatia from Bosnia, must have reached the area by travelling…



….through safe, democratic lands, as you can see from the map.

So they are NOT seeking safe haven but are merely fake-‘refugees’ – eager to get their greedy snouts into Northern Europe’s tax-troughs.



But that doesn’t seem to occur to the so-called ‘NGO’  – which also has its snout in the tax troughs of many countries! .

Believe it or not, and you can believe it, because it’s from their own DRC site…

…they leech off not only the Danish public purse, but the Australian, British, Canadian and USA public purses also!

Oh, and from various UN and EU agencies – also, of course, public money, raised by national governments and funnelled to DRC via those supranational outfits.

And the curs dare call themselves a ‘non-government organisation?’

But getting EU cash doesn’t stop the uppity agitprop gang telling the EU what to do.

We are calling for the EU to ensure dignified reception at the borders,” the DRC said.

Croatia accused of pushing back Afghan refugees