A Grain Of Sense, Down South In Eire?

Since I have focused on certain writings in the ‘Irish Times’ recently and given the writers laldy..

Dublin’s Blabbering Pundits Need To Shut Up! 

Detached From Reality, Eire’s Dreams Fester!

…today I offer a few words of praise to a man named Collins, for this!

Sinn Féin efforts to legitimise IRA show contempt for democracy

That’s the headline, and it refers to events ‘starring’ a member of the Vermin Party…


Cllr Mícheál MacDonncha’s behaviour raises disturbing questions about how Sinn Féin in government would handle the Garda. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw….

…a slug named Mícheál MacDonncha’s, a Sinn Fein councillor, whose ‘behaviour raises disturbing questions about how Sinn Féin in government would handle the Garda…


MacDonncha is hardly the first Shinner said to have sought to ‘legitimise’ the cowardly IRA terrorist scum….


…nor, undoubtedly, will he be the last.

But although Collins makes his case very well, is it not chilling that there’s even a need to alert the citizenry in Eire to the fact that Sinn Fein…


Martin ‘Murder’ McGuinness


…has never seriously tried to hide the fact that it’s the ‘political wing’ of the IRA murder gang.

The IRA earnestly, repeatedly, engaged in ethnic cleansing….



…not just atrocities like Kingsmill but also in its racist targetting of British farmers’ sons on land along  the border.


That’s a proven fact.

So when huge numbers of Eire voters marked their ballots for SF, they were demonstrating, for all the world to see, that they were morally vacuous cretins…


….devoid of any decency.



As indeed were the sleazy swine who elected Micheal MacDonncha to be Lord Mayor of Dublin a while back!

True, that’s Eire’s problem.

Yet it also demolishes every argument for a ‘United Ireland’ put forward by the expansionist ruling class in Dublin.