A Texan Hoogland? Freako ‘Trans’ Ruling Must Be Fought!

We know all too sadly that much of the judiciary in Canada is as devoid of decency and bereft of morality….



…..as much as the bulk of the political in-crowd which appoints scum to courts in the Dominion.

Pro-Freak Tammen Fumes – Hoogland Goes Free! 

The Hoogland Case is infamous throughout the world.

But now we hear that in Texas, another vile injustice has been imposed by a robed rogue.

Just posted on the MassResistance website:
Left-wing Texas judge imposes outrageous conditions against father opposed to 9-year-old son becoming “transgender.”
Jeffrey Younger is stripped of virtually all parental rights. Even ordered not to tell his son that he’s really a boy! More
MassResistance interviews Jeffrey Younger (see video) who describes all the terrible details!