Kiwis Stabbed By ‘Asylum’ Ingrate? No, A ‘Student!”

I used to work with a Sinhalese girl in London, who was pretty and charming.

So I certainly won’t say that all who leave Sri Lanka to live in other countries are bad.

I enjoyed a stop-over in their capital city some years ago and was treated well.

But Canadians know how despicably ungrateful….

Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 


Toronto traffic chaos, thanks to Tamil ingrates


….some who migrate from what was once called Ceylon can be.

Now we hear that the scumbag who went on a would-be killing spree in New Zealand originated from Sri Lanka.

It’s good that NZ cops put the pig down.



A close shot of a woman's head as she speaks at a press conference


Hiding behind ‘legal reasons,’  Ardern’s government is so far refusing even to let Kiwis know the fanatic brute’s name!

Or whether it was imported as an ‘asylum’ faker!


Stop Press!

Half an hour after we published this, we learn more!

Update – the pig was apparently allowed in YEARS ago on a ‘student visa’ – what was he ‘studying?’

Advanced Satanic Sectarianism?

Whatever, Ardern must explain – why was he still in NZ?


Yet it seems that, although police and security forces realised the savage was potentially  dangerous…


..’…the man, inspired by ISIS ideology, who stabbed at least six people in a supermarket was a “violent extremist” known to the police.. ‘ SkyNews

….the laws on such terrorist menaces were inadequate to keep it caged, as such beasts should be.


….to where it came from?

One hopes it wasn’t because the cur might have found itself in trouble there.

We have seen enough of such gutless get-out excuses….

Good News! Pig Krekar’s Particularly At Risk! 

Merkel Wants Bin Laden Brute Back, To Ensure His Safety! 

…in various European countries!