California Dream 2 – No More Noisome Newsome?

I haven’t paid attention to the California Recall, not for several months…

Newsom Recall – California Dream

…though having taken notice of the dreadful Gavin Newsom more than once…


elite arrogance-s.

California Drivel – Democrat Scorns Democracy

California Cover-Up – Gavin’s Crimmigrant Gold-Rush!

….I suppose I should have.

But after reading a venomous attack on Newman’s potential nemesis, Larry Elder, shrilly abhorred by one of the ghastly Guardian’s stable of far-left fillies, a weird wench named Arwa ..

….I have learned the Republican is a ‘rightwing radio host with some terrifying views and a long history of misogynistic comments,

So clearly I have to express support for Mr. Elder, especially since his views are not at all terrifying!

While I’m not familiar with all his opinions, this piece of Elder wisdom clinched my endorsement.

Earlier this year, Elder blamed Barack Obama for the deaths of George Floyd and other Black men, writing that the former president should have encouraged citizens to better “comply with the police” to avoid being shot.



Ain’t that the truth!

BTW, Elder is black, this perhaps being what infuriates leftist hate-freaks more than anything else.

As for Snowflake Arwa’s accusation of ‘misogyny,’ here’s one delicious example of what got her pinko knickers in a twist..

When you look at all these women that have marched — something like 2 million women — Donald Trump has probably gotten more obese woman off the couch and in the streets, working out, than Michelle Obama did in eight years,” he said on an episode reviewed by CNN

Far-left women DO tend to be very unattractive.

Not Arwa, she looks okay, butmany Brits will think of the BBC Coven,  especially Emma Barnett….




…or The Maitlis, while our American readers may remember our observations on monsters like these ‘celebrity’ morons.….

Gargoyle Leftist Griffin – Too Grotesque Even For CNN – Blames Trump! 


Image result for rosie o'donnell katie griffin

Ugly O’Donnell- The Warthog Wallows Ever Deeper! 

Again, Larry Elder has said a lot over the years, and I’m not going automatically to agree with everything.

But, as angry Arwa tells us, a win for this witty man could impact not only judicial appointments but also, possibly, a future Senate vacancy, so, hell, it’s a sacred duty to pray for an Elder victory!

He faces an uphill struggle in California, which is no longer the bastion of sanity…



…which it was when Reagan was governor.

But who knows!