A Wyoming Town Resists! Why Won’t Scots?

After our brief observations earlier today on the vile tranny ‘self-identification’ plan about to be imposed on Scotland by the far-left SNP’ Green alliance…

‘A Man’s A Man For A’ That?’ Not In Sicko Scotland!

….we urge Scots readers to take a quick look across the Atlantic, where Mass Resistance continues to earn our applause for their dynamic efforts to confront evil all over their country.

Here’s the latest example!

Gillette, Wyoming is located in Campbell County in the northeast part of the state, about 80 miles west of Rapid City, SD….

Earlier this summer, people noticed that the two county public library branches had stocked the children’s sections with numerous books including graphic LGBT themes and other sexually explicit – even lurid – topics, as a “transgender” magician brought in to entertain children.
When parents consulted the Library Board about all this, they were treated disrespectfully. And the Campbell County Commission, which controls the Library Board, was hostile to them.

Now the decent people are fighting back!

Read all about it, here –


And readers in Scotland should be asking themselves why Sturgeon’s freak-show coalition is able to get away with its evil tranny-plan.