Use The RAF To Deport Undesirables!

The Guardian laments the cost of deportations and the bumbling fumbling way Priti Patel handles getting rid of undesirable aliens. lying wannabe parasites…

….whose ‘asylum’ claims did not stand up to scrutiny, is indeed needlessly expensive.

Not everyone the Home Office deports is removed on a charter flight, some are taken on scheduled flights….

But being the Guardian, we have to wade through one pinko pro-crimmigrant bleat after another, instead of any coverage of practical cheaper alternatives, namely, that which I outlined ages ago.

Using the RAF to remove these fakers and frauds would be perfectly easy, and good flight training for  young pilots.

Long-haul trips, utilising whatever staging posts might be necessary…


– Diego Garcia would be one obvious forward base for deliveries to Asian destinations – .

…with crimmigrants bunched up in manacles to stop them getting uppity?



Or slap ’em into cages!


Now somebody is about to tell me that Britain’s defences have been so run down that there aren’t any suitable aircraft!