Capitol Cops, 9/11 – Double Standards Or Dirty Tricks?

I forward this for American readers…

…but I think others will find the double standards intriguing.


With the 20th Anniversary of September 11th right around the corner, Rev. Pat Mahoney filed a permit to gather a prayer vigil on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

But there was one thing standing in his way…

In order to hold the prayer vigil, the U.S. Capitol Police Board required Rev. Mahoney to obtain a permit. 

A few days later, Rev. Mahoney learned that the Capitol Police Board DENIED his request.

When Rev. Mahoney asked why he wasn’t allowed to pray outside of the Capitol – especially for something as important as the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 – the Capitol Police Board told him the area is “restricted” and that permit applications cannot be processed.

But that just isn’t true.

Just recently, leftist Congresswoman Cori Bush and a handful of her left-wing activist friends slept on the Capitol steps for days in protesting one of their radical social justice policies—demanding an extension of the eviction moratorium.

Center for American Liberty

Another group recently got a permit to protest on the lawn outside the Capitol too.

In other words, Rev. Mahoney wasn’t denied because the area was actually “restricted” or closed.

He was denied the right to exercise his First Amendment freedoms because the U.S. Capitol Police Board thinks it has unfettered discretion to pick winners and losers with respect to constitutional rights.

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