Zuckwit’s Geek-Stasi Makes War On Science!

No matter where you stand on the debate over how to handle the Chinese Virus…



….you must be aware how Faecesbook has chained itself to the WHO chariot, despite WHO’s record of weaseling, which should make everyone wary of anything WHO has to say – they still haven’t fired that craven Canadian…


Bruce Aylward
A senior official with the World Health Organization faked internet connection issues and then abruptly ended an interview when confronted over the WHO’s position on Taiwan

Everyone knows how Zuckwit’s Geekstasi has blocked or frozen numerous dissenters, individuals or organisations….



….on the Wuhan Plague issue, on highly selective grounds of ‘misinformation.’

Yet suddenly, when somebody makes an indisputably accurate assertion about another aspect of science, a the biological truth, here’s what happens.



To my own eternal credit ( I say that in all due modesty!) Facebook banned me some years ago, for the heinous crime of spreading factual news about the Cikeusik Pogrom…

Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again

…but this time they have shown their true colours!

Disreputable and Dishonest!

.. . 


Since readying this for publication, I have been further appalled by the intolerant scum who work for Zuckwit, the example described by Senatot Rand Paul.  – viz.

..the hacks at Facebook went as far as banning the mother of a fallen marine who wrote of her own negative experience with the president. 

She criticized their guy – so they took down her Instagram account. Just like that