BBC Hack Echoes BLM Shrills!

We had cause to notice the BBC’s USA ‘news-man’ David Willis

Another Unappetising BBC Breakfast! 


…who purports to be a ‘political correspondent, not that long ago.

Today he was on the scene as a statue of Robert E Lee was hauled down.


Statue Robert E. Lee Richmond (cropped).JPG

The monument in more civilised times

A few hundred shrilling extremists attended the removal

The BBC jerk ‘interviewed’ them, no doubt delighted that  – inevitably – only BLM fanatics were at the scene.

Hardly real interviews – the UK Pravda woker never challenged any of their facile gloat-garbage.



Good for Trump, who praised the gracious and heroic Lee.

Woko Willis made BBC’s long-standing pro-BLM bias….

BLM Savages – BBC, Typically, Buries Aftermath Of LA Ambush! 

Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan

….crystal clear, with his own yammering conclusion, that there are still many more statues of heroes…

‘..thousand of others, each a painful reminder…’

Hey, Jerk.

Not ‘painful’ to me.

Keep your left prejudices to yourself!

You work for a public broadcaster, BBC, not for BLM.

There are millions of Americans, and others, in the UK, and overseas, who don’t find such monuments ‘painful reminders!’

‘Painful’ to whiney uptights, of course, the sort of useless uppities who relish being thus pained, forever craving cause for offence.

But BBC has a statutory duty of impartiality.


Although it shirks that obligation…


…day in, day out.