Has The Fourth Reich Got Something Right?

Can it be true?

Has the Fourth Reich finally, presumably despite itself…



…actually done something that’s genuinely going to be of benefit to the peoples of Europe?

Asylum seekers dread new EU camps on Greek islands


That’s if we take the claim by a pinko creep named Vagelis Stratis at face value.

He’s a big noise with the pro-crimmigrant ‘International Rescue Committee!’

So if he thinks the fake-‘refugees’ are averse to getting put into the expensive new accommodation….

Hasil gambar untuk lesbos

BBC Excuses Lesbos Parasites’ Arson

 built to replace the previous lodging which were lost ot crimmigrant arson, remember

…well, he ought to know!  

Fears surrounding future EU-funded camps on the Greek Aegean islands are contributing to a mental health emergency among asylum seekers, with some fleeing to the mainland. Read on »

Okay, skip the ‘mental health’ junk.

Kate Made Me Cry’ – Sums Up Mental-Health-Meg! 


Mental Health?’ Pity BLM Osaka EVER Spoke To Media! 

We’ve heard enough about that hogwash, whining celebs so stressed by good fortune that they can’t handle their lives of fame and luxury.

But if the ‘asylumers’ are fleeing rather than move into the camps?

Hell, let ’em flee, but NOT to the Greek mainland.


Load the ingrate undesirables onto whatever craft will carry them, rafts, fishing boats or bloody canoes, and point them back at the Turkish coast.