Exposed – Ontario’s Nazi-Style Book-Burners

In 1930s Germany, it was all the rage…



…and, so it seems, in parts of modern Canada!

The “flame purification” ceremony, first reported by Radio Canada, was held in 2019 by the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence, which oversees elementary and secondary schools in southwestern Ontario.

Having frequently expressed disgust at the notorious Gramedia book-burning….

Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    • burning books

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….here in Jakarta, a shocking cultural atrocity pandering to sectarian fanatics…


…I’m frankly sickened by this repugnant revelation about nazi-style arson in Ontario….

…where I spent much of my boyhood.

At least, since it was belatedly exposed, most Canadian media are suitably appalled, unlike the leftist English-language rag here.

Jakarta Post Against Book-Burning – If The Books Are Leftist

I’d not have heard about the Ontario outrage, were it not for an excellent piece in, so in addition to the link to the National Post…

…..I append another…

Woke book-burning

…so you can read what Brendan O’Neill wrote.

He extends his indignation to include the very un-British vendetta waged by militant freaks against a book I haven’t read…

Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

…but certainly sounds worth reading.

Having said all that, I feel sorry for the current crop of Ontario schoolchildren.

Although  that ‘educational’ politburo, the Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence…


…claims now to ‘regret’ its aping of Hitler’s henchmen, get this, from its spokesperson,  Lyne Cossette –


So it’ll be full of pinko creepery, promoting ‘parity of esteem’ between ‘LGBTI’ maladjusts and normal folk, and pushing multiculti..

….and damned few, if any, books suggesting that multicult is pernicious, the gaystapo agenda is offensive and wokery is junk-think!