Nasty Newsom V The Rag-Tags? C’mon, BBC!

Having taken due note of the admirable Larry Elder, whose brave challenge to the ghastly plutocrat Newsom….

California Dream 2 – No More Noisome Newsome? 

….will be decided in a few hours, I was intrigued by the BBC’s characterisation of the California recall race as a fight between the incumbent ‘progressive and free-spending’ and a ‘rag-tag bunch!’

Rather derogatory, but that’s UK Pravda, after all.

Governor Gavin Newsom

Newsom was berated for keeping public schools closed while his children returned to in-person learning at their elite private institution. 

While BBC admits that ‘critics’ of Newsom say he’s an “aristocrat” and “pretty boy,” it’s not ‘critics’ who insult his opponents as a ‘rag-tag bunch’ but the BBC itself.

Again, the BBC does remind us of Newsom’s ‘estimated personal wealth of $20m (£14.5m),’ and of his ‘tabloid-worthy personal life,’ including the fact that ‘San Franciscans nicknamed him “Mayor McHottie,” ‘

But surprisingly, or not, the coverage of Mr. Elder makes him sound impressive…

Larry Elder

Larry Elder
… least to us here at RRA.

He has earned particular fury for his views on race; he reportedly describes himself as “an American who is black”, not an African American…..

Why on earth would such a decent, honourable assertion ‘earn him fury?’

Although marxist rage is a predictable response to his refutation of the BIG BIDEN/BLM Lie!

…and has claimed systemic racism does not exist.

He’s not perfect.

He got engaged to a strange woman who suddenly decided, as the election recall was getting tight, to embarrass him.

The sorry bint accused him of demanding she tattoo the words “Larry’s Girl” on her body and threatening her with a gun during an argument. Mr Elder denied the allegations…

NB  – the engagement was over some time ago, so already Elder’s had his share of good luck – imagine being married to that sort of shrew!

But I hope he still has luck enough to see him through the red fury and win the recall battle.