Zuckwit’s Geekstapo Banned ‘Anti-Christ’ Film?

I assume the film “Interview With The Anti-Christ” was made, and is being promoted, by Christian activists, since the evil entity mentioned is part of Christian theology.



But ordinarily, I would not see fit to pay too much attention.

If I get an urge to see satanic power in action, plenty of media are almost daily featuring Taliban spokespersons ( sorry, spokesmen!)

But what got me interested was this.


Facebook banned the film ‘Interview with the Antichrist’ from being shared and closed the filmmaker’s ad account – no reason was given.

The arrogance of Zuckwit’s censors in their suppression of anything they don’t agree with is infamous…



…but now they won’t even offer one of their dishonest excuses for their jackbootery?

Here’s the link.

If any of you watch the film, please tell us what it might contain that disturbs our new unhappy lords.