Alaska Airlines Again? Boycott Time?

We had to write about Alaska Airlines recently….

Can Your Cover-Up, Alaska Airlines! 

….and now that cruddy company has popped up again, once more in the wrong but on a much larger scale this time.


I quote from the N.O.W. bulletin, which reminds us….

…big corporations today pride themselves on being woke.

They portray themselves as being all about inclusiveness and diversity, and they work to impose their virtue signaling on the American people.

This is evident across a range of issues, but especially so when it comes to the LGBT agenda. If you dare to question their support of radical LGBT policies, you will pay with your job.


  • Former Alaska Airlines employee Lacey Smith.

Lacey Smith, Alaska Airlines gaystapo victim


  • Just ask Lacey Smith and other Alaska Airlines employees who were fired merely for questioning why the company was campaigning to enact the Equality Act.








Lacey Smith has worked as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for nearly eight years. For the past several years, Alaska Airlines has supported the Equality Act, but now with Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, there is a widespread recognition that it could very well pass and become law. Alaska Airlines has thus stepped up their campaigning in support of the proposal, going so far as to ask employees to support it.

They did so through an online company forum where employees are openly invited to post comments and questions. Smith asked, “As a company, do you think it is possible to legislate morality?”

Please note, Alaska Airlines ‘invited questions and comments!’


And then….

Her question generated a number of positive reactions from other employees, but was soon taken down by the company. Alaska Airlines then issued her a notice of discharge because, “defining gender identity or sexual orientation as a moral issue…is…a discriminatory statement.”


We talk about the gaystapo…

…and sure enough, here come their Alaska Airlines boot-boys, ignorant of morality and indifferent to their employees’ right to speak freely.

I understand the victims of Alaska Airlines’ intolerance are fighting in the American courts.

Good luck to them, but no matter the outcome, decent people should boycott that witch-hunting company.


Better to hire a team of huskies!



Since I have used much of the NOW bulletin, I append a means of donating to their admirable fighting fund.

Your financial support of our work in this regard would be most appreciated. Thank you.