In Italy, Another ‘Asylum’- Faker Amok!

Since we have had, regrettably, to focus on undesirable aliens already over the past 48 hours….

Collabo State Media Cover For Alien Rapist – Again!

More Filthy Savages (aka ‘Poor Refugees

….and on those who champion opening up YOUR country…

 Shove Yer Mitres Where Da Sun Don’t Shine

Argie Dope! Say What You Think Or STFU! 

(if you live in a civilised country!)

…to primitive people with often barbaric values (about which they are unlikely to be interrogated on arrival)



…it may seem over-kill to alert you to another case!

But decent people deserve to know even unpleasant truths and there’s been scant coverage in the media of the English-speaking world…



…here we go again.

This time it’s another Somali, in Italy, not apparently a sex-predator, like others reported previously, in Italy….

Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth!

…and elsewhere…

…..but more like the one we reported a year or so ago in Germany…

BBC Suppresses The Savage’s War Cry

….this time another blood-thirsty beast, captured after it ran amok on a bus in Rimini.

NB  – this isn’t the first time Rimini has suffered the depredations of evil aliens –Mr. Mohamed, The Moroccan, Tells The Truth! 

Incredibly, there’s some kind of cover-up regarding the pig’s name, but some shocking info has got out!



The man, who wasn’t identified…


….apparently had been denied asylum in several European countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, since arriving in Europe in 2015, the Corriere della Sera newspaper said. State TV said the man had applied for asylum in Italy and was living in a migrant residence run by a Catholic charity in Rimini. ..

The authorities are down-playing any link to terrorism.

This time it’s not the ‘mental health’ excuse but ‘drugs’ getting the blame.

The real blame, of course, falls on the Italian government, which allows such creatures to prowl the streets…



…when no less than Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Holland have all seen through the swine’s fakery and turned him down.


The blood of Rimini’s innocents is on their government’s hands!