Adolf’s Envoy Finds Tory Defender!

So Adolf Xi’s Chinese Embassy spokesperson ‘attacked the “despicable and cowardly action of certain individuals of the UK parliament to obstruct normal exchanges and cooperation between China and the UK“.

Spot the difference! Clue, moustache!

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Ranting red rat-bag!

Do diplomats representing democratic countries get to use the premises of the Beijing puppet ‘parliament’ to promote their views.

Do UK or US ambassadors get the sort of platform afforded Red China ambassadors by the BBC’s Hardtalk?

I don’t know, but I doubt it.

Most of my readers will, I suspect, echo Ian Duncan Smith and other MPs who ‘welcomed the “strong principled stand” taken by the Speakers, arguing that allowing the visit would have been “an insult to parliament”.

These red envoys – ‘a new breed of “wolf warrior” diplomats deployed by Beijing, noted for inflammatory language on social media attacking UK critics of Chinese policies – should be regarded as were Hitler’s broadcasters 1939-1945 – ENEMIES!

Yet what are we to make of the Tory MP for Gloucester, Richard Graham, ‘chairman of the UK all-party parliamentary group on China! ‘

Official portrait of Richard Graham MP crop 2.jpg


He expressed “regret” at Hoyle’s decision and said the group would make new arrangements to hear from the ambassador.’

Speaker Hoyle was quite right.

If Graham of Gloucester does find some venue prepared to accommodate the bandit regime’s envoy, he should require whichever Chinese Communist Party hacks show up…


….to share a platform with a spokesperson for Hong Kong’s democratic resistance.

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Make Beijing’s running dog justify the gangster government’s brutality.