Racialising Australia’s Nuclear Sub Deal

By pure chance I stumbled into an ABC programme called ‘The Drum’ yesterday.

I have seen it once or twice but that put me off seeing it again.

Most of those who participate are smug know-alls, and tilt leftwards.

But I had tuned into the Australian state broadcaster in the morning for the NSW virus update and thus when I got back from downtown Jakarta and switched on the tv, there it was.

The Drum was chaired by a leftist woman named ‘Helen…’

The Drum on the move | TV Tonight

Actually, it’s Ellen, Ellen Fanning, as I learned from Google Search and I suggest she’s a leftist due to one particularly fatuous assertion on her part, a whine that –

‘We need a keynote speech on peace, not another speech antagonising China.’

She must be unaware that it’s the Beijing bandit regime that’s rather nifty at ‘antagonising’ people…


Spot the difference – hint, it’s the moustache!


…notably its many victims, in Hong Kong, and Tibet and Sinkiang.  What sensible Aussies make speeches about is standing up to Adolf Xi’s aggression, in the South China Sea and elsewhere.

That idiotic outburst came towards the end, but her asinine observation was arguably her attempt to endorse hogwash emitted by a younger man, somebody called Adam Carrel, apparently associated with something called EY – anybody know what that is?


Adam Carrel - Partner, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young | EY - US


Ooops, it’s Ernst and Young, as Google once more revealed. He’s more prominent as a Climate Clamour Kid, so it seems.

However, it’s fair to say Carrel is somewhat ignorant of modern history.

‘We did not win the Cold War,’ he declared, evidently unaware that we did, thanks to Reagan….

…Star Wars and the consequent inability of the Soviets to maintain their Evil Empire.

He also claimed that, during the Cold War, ‘kids were hiding under their desks,’ for fear of nukes coming through the school-house roof.


Maybe he did , or his pinko buddies’ kids did, but NONE of my schooldays acquaintances were such wets that we hid under our desks, for any reason.

War of the Worlds - The Enemy is Us? - Wilbanks Smith & Thomas


Perhaps poor Carrel had been reading about the 1953 radio broadcast of ‘War of the Worlds,’ which many families mistook for a news report and panicked accordingly.

Carrel plaintively bleated –

‘Where are the peaceniks?’

So he misses all those collabo gits in CND, who used to rant about ‘World Peace?’


SNP Plan CND Constitution 

I wrote about that lot a while ago.

There was too a rather faded female academic, Nancy Baxter, who said if Oz didn’t spend money on the new defence deal, we could spend it all on everything else!

And she’s a PROFESSOR? Jeepers!

She didn’t even sound Australian but clearly wants to be loved, because she said we could put ‘$10k in every Aussie pocket.’

If Scomo stopped spending any money on anything, he could put even more money into every pocket.  What a simplistic statement Nancy made.

Not to omit a flabby looking fellow named Wesley Enoch, who appeared to be miffed that Australia was relying on its ‘old white friends.’


How foolish of Oz to look to its oldest allies!

Never heard of him, but turns out he is said to be an Aborigine, though he looks paler than me – I get brown quickly if I sun myself in the yard of an arvo.

I found his voice a tad too namby-pamby but that’s his problem.

Why is he so uptight about race that he drags skin colour into a discussion about nuclear submarines?

The only person who talked much sense was a guy named John Blaxland.

I think I shall henceforth avoid The Drum, a dreary talking-shop nowhere near as stimulating as The Walking Dead.