Classic Case Of Guardian Fake News!

Most people in the UK, and probably in most other civilised countries, are fully aware of how much the tales told by so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ are fiction…



…in which a few factoids are embedded to fool the fools who let them in.

Even less convincng are the lying lice who claim they have gate-crashed HM’s realm because they are fleeing hell-holes of persecution, death-threats, etc…


France, notorious hell-hole of persecution!

….then we learn they have arrived from such darkly dangerous, war-torn domains as France…


….or Belgium!

Oooh, scary!



But there are probably some Brits still prepared to give ‘asylum-seekers’ the benefit of the doubt.

There is, they tell us, careful vetting done, to check their character and veracity.

Until a claim is proven false, we should be nice to such uninvited aliens, we’re told.

And the Guardian is very nice to them…

….with last week’s recipient of benevolent Guardian attention being one Simba Mujakachi, aged 29, who would apparently like to go into politics!

Seriously – he says so!

Read the whole pinko piece!

Poor Simba!

The Zinbabwean victim of niggardly Britain certainly has strong political views – he rants that the government’s ‘hostile environment’ policies deterred him from taking medication… 




Only one problem, which the Guardian doesn’t reveal until quite far down its page.

Simba the ‘asylum-seeker’ is in fact…





And that’s why the uppity alien can’t leech off the NHS!


PS..meanwhile thousands of dumb-ass pinko creeps…



..have signed a petition on his behalf!

PPS – any libtard getting his or her knickers in a twistabout my use of the word ‘niggardly’ kindly educate yourself.

It has no racial connotations whatsoever!