How To Spot The ‘Moderate’ Taliban?

I noticed this a week ago but held back from commenting on it at the time.

EU should ‘make sure’ moderate Taliban prevail, envoy says

  • Head of the EU delegation to Afghanistan, Andreas Von Brandt

    The EU’s envoy to Afghanistan has said the bloc has to make sure that the moderate forces within Taliban prevail, weeks after the extremist group took over the country at a lightning speed after 20 years of Western involvement.

So what next?

Do we divide serial killers into ‘moderates’ (maybe under six victims?) and ‘extremists’ who exceed that modest total?



Do we divide Boko Haram kidnappers into ‘moderates’ who capture and rape under 50 schoolgirls, and ‘extremists’ who take more?

What kind of rot will EU spokes-twits come out with next?

The latest report from the sad country where the Taliban rule the roost….

….says that teenage girls are now prevented from attending high school.

Meaning ‘moderates’ are at the helm, since younger girls can presumably still go to elementary schools?

These ignorant sectarian savages CANNOT be divided into ‘moderates’ and ‘extremists.’

This past week we saw imbecilic partitions installed in a Kabul university, to keep women apart from men.


Females separated from their male peers in Kabul classroom |

Infantile sexism in Afghanistan


If such apartheid is imposed by a curtain, is that ‘moderate?’

If it’s done by erecting a brick wall, is that ‘extremist?’

It remains to be seen if each lass will be forced to wear merely a headscarf or the revolting bag-head shroud.

Will the likes of Von Brandt say enforced head-scarfing is ‘moderate’ and head-shrouding ‘extremist?

Any state compulsion that makes women cover their hair OR their faces is tyrannical.

Nobody should accept any form of primitive sexism in Afghanistan or anywhere.

Anywhere, as previously noted. Taliban Goose, Ayatollah Gander?