Hey, I Got Something Wrong!

Every so often – or perhaps I should say, ever so rarely! – I get something wrong!

Hard to believe, I know but to err is human.

Hence when I was writing about the racist BLM movement some months ago…


…I wrote –

As it happens, unlike the anti-social undesirables Floyd, Garner, ‘Rayshard’ and Blake…

When UK Pravda Uses People”s First Names

…poor Breonna seems to have been a genuinely blameless person… 

I was WRONG!

And I only found out about my error when I received an email promoting David Horowitz’s latest book.


I Can't Breathe Book Cover

I won’t copy the entire content, but am happy to recommend anything by Horowitz, a far-leftist in his youth who repented – and has become an heroic resistance leader.

Horowitz in February 2011

David Horowitz

But here’s the information I did not have before, and which I now share with you.



Take Breonna Taylor. Black Lives Matter portrayed Breonna as an innocent 26-year-old “murdered” in her home, in her bed, in her sleep by racist cops.

In fact Breonna was an active long-term accomplice to a major drug dealer.

The cops were at her house (and four others) because Breonna used her house and bank account to operate the drug network delivering dangerous, life-destroying narcotics to the black community.

She did not die in her sleep. She died in her hallway in the dark because her boyfriend, without warning, fired his gun at police and wounded one of them.

Breonna died because her boyfriend did not warn her to step back out of the hallway when he was about to shoot.

In other words everything about the Breonna Taylor case as told by Black Lives Matter is a lie.

So there we are, and I dare say the book is brimming with many more useful facts, so I append his special offer.

And if you donate $45 or more to the David Horowitz Freedom Center right now, you’ll be one of the first to receive your copy.

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I like Horowitz’s PS too.

Big Tech is working in lockstep with the Democratic Party and Black Lives Matter. They’re doing everything they can to silence the truth — so we have to share the truth…

Buy Horowitz’s book!