‘Grow Up’ Says Jellyfish? ‘Grow A Set,’ The Cry Went Up!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the world needs to ‘grow up’

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Such singular elitist arrogance would be hard to take from any of the condescending clucks at that UN yap-fest.

But from a gutless clown like Jellyfish Johnson…


…whose record, of cowering like a frightened child when faced with challenges, is near spectacular?



Look at his failure to defend his country’s very borders, as thousands of primitive parasites pour in from France.



Look at his sell-out of sovereignty, the Protocol which granted Brussels intolerable privileges to intrude in UK affairs.


NOW, Jellyfish- Stop Calling Them ‘Friends & Partners 

Like his infamous assertion that he’d rather die in a ditch than extend that deadline –

https://www.bbc.com › news › uk-p…
Boris Johnson: ‘I’d rather be dead in a ditch’ than ask for Brexit delay

– an assertion uttered only days before he extended it – he’s a waste of space.

Bojo Must Go!