Back-Stab! That Senile Swine Biden Has To Go!

Why do I watch UK Pravda in the mornings?

Well, mostly because I’m up.

Having gone out to the tukang sayur to get a double order of fish  Saturday/Sunday to feed the feline flock…



..I flop onto my battered sofa and subject myself to the masochistic experience called “BBC World News.. ‘

. today, when the tax-funded propaganda channel showed that pathetic old creep betraying the brave men (and no doubt women) who do their best to curb their country’s infestation by illegal aliens.


Biden, learning his trade


The BBC’s inimitable Aleem Maqboul …

BBC Re-Run! Maqboul’s ‘Notorious’ Bias! 

…sympathetically interviewed a Haitian who, by his own admission, had crossed no less than 11 countries to slither into the USA.

Maqboul did not ask the uppity swine why he felt entitled to take his pick of other people’s countries.



To be fair, he also let a patriot have a few words, though Maqboul felt obliged to challenge the man about the status of crimmigrant brats, ‘children,’ though we know what so-called ‘children’ can get up to

Won’t Deport Rapists? Let’s Cut The ‘Biden’s Moderate’ Cr… .

To his credit, the patriot shot back ‘We don’t know whose children they are!’

Back to Biden!

It was horrible…”  bleated the White House Weasel.


Outrageous…those people will pay!”

What a sickening senile slug he is!