Brighton ‘Cluster’ Sums Up UK Sickness

Although this Labour lady’s views on most things are probably anathema to most of my readers…

..only a moron would disagree with Ms. Rosie Duffield’s recognition of the scientific truth…


Rosie Duffield


….that only women can have a cervix! 

Yet now she has reportedly said she felt it prudent to stay away from her own party’s Brighton conference…


…because her “presence would irritate” certain “groups” – which regrettably she did not name.
But clearly she meant vile aggressive  transfreaks.
Who else could she mean when she explained that that “I did not want to subject myself and other people to that kind of abuse?”
If there were any moral fibre left on the Left, or indeed on the right, or centre, sicko men who claim to be women…
Remember him/her/it?

Miguel Martinez, who also uses the name Michelle…a transgender Wyoming woman was convicted Wednesday of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl inside a bathroom….


…and sicko women who claim to be men, would be either treated for mental health troubles…
… or treated straightforwardly as bare-faced liars.
They should not be handed conference passes, or allowed anywhere that decent, normal folk might be put at risk of abuse.